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Coppa Italia predictions at PepeBet

Known worldwide as the Coppa Italia, it is a tournament founded in 1921. The particularity of this tournament is that the overall table is set at the beginning of the tournament. Of all the teams, Juventus is the club with the most cup titles, followed by Roma but with 5 Italian Cups less.

The winner of the tournament automatically qualifies for both the UEFA Europa League group stage and the following year's Italian Super Cup. In the event that the winning club has qualified for a European competition in the league, the runner-up will go on to play in the Europa League.

At PepeBet we take care to make the best predictions for the Italian Cup by analysing data from several seasons, current trends of the teams, injured players, suspensions... With this, we try to offer the most reliable prediction possible.

Italian Cup format

In the Coppa Italia there are a total of 8 rounds, with the top 8 from Serie A joining in the third round. The remaining 12 from the league start in round 2 and the start of the cup involves Serie B teams.

Each round is played as a single match until the semi-finals, from the semi-finals, the teams play each other in two matches, a first leg and a second leg. The final is always played in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico.

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At PepeBet, our computer experts have developed these Coppa Italia predictions by analysing injuries, the current form of the teams, the H2H between them and the latest news from the clubs. Thanks to this analytical work, it makes our Italian Cup predictions one of the most reliable on the internet.

These betting tips will be published 2 to 4 days before the matches take place. We make sure that the tips are as up to date as possible - you won't regret putting your trust in PepeBet!